Prior year posters available/ limited supply.

Signed, Limited Edition Posters

See the complete collection below.


We take art seriously.  Instead of a mass produced poster we commission a limited edition giclée or silkscreened print.  This year we feature a giclée of a painting by one of Detroit's most popular artists, Judy Bowman. Judy has earned awards and is in many prestigious collections.  There will be 100 signed and numbered copies.  Her prints generally go for many hundreds, but you can pre-order at $75. Every purchase supports the art fair.  Other poster prices vary based on supply.


This years poster, as well as a few copies of previous posters are available online, at the art fair, and at our framing partners- Sherwood Forest Gallery and Eric's Ive Been Framed and Jo's Gallery, all on Livernois in Detroit.  Most posters are 18" by 24". The 2018 poster was 12" by 24".  The 1977 reprint  is slightly smaller at 16" by 20".

The posters are by some of Detroit's most collected artists:

Hubert Massey- 2014                       Maria Petrenko - 2015

Ron Scarbough- 2016 & 1977        Amy Ferguson- 2017

Berry Davis 2018                              Annette Poitau- 2020

2020 Poster • Vote for the version that you prefer by advance ordering and save $20.

Pre-order price of $75

Judy Bowman poster. Version one.

$95. Preorder and save $20 - $75 if ordered by April 15

Judy Bowman poster. Version two.

$95. Preorder and save $20 - $75 if ordered by April 15

Flashback- 1977 Reprint

Our 2015and 2018 posters were voted Best Art Fair Poster of the Year by Sunshine Artist Magazine.  

(The 2016 and 2017 posters were runner ups)

Limited supply remains $75

2014 Poster

Limited supply remains $125

2015 Poster • SA-BEST!

2 Giclee remain- $325 • Screen Printed - $75

2017 Poster

Limited supply remains $90

2018 Poster• SA-BEST!

Award Winning Design - $90

2016 Poster

Very few left- $150

2019 Poster

Limited Supply Remains $75

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