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FAQ's  (Freely Answered Queries)


1. I thought the Palmer Park Art Fair had disappeared years ago. What happened?     

We are so excited to bring this fair back in 2014.  Thirty years ago it was difficult to get people to Detroit.  Now people are excited to return. The adjacent apartment district is thriving. Artists need to connect with art lovers and sell work to thrive.


2. Where do I park my car?   

We suggest you park either along Merrill Plaissance, which is the main street through Palmer Park (enter off Woodward). Merrill is temporarily one-way heading north to provide more parking spaces.     There's also parking in the Apartment District and along Woodward.  Patrols will help to keep an eye on your vehicle.


3. Where could I park my bike?    

There are plenty of places to lock a bicycle. Fences, poles and trees throughout the park. Bring along a big basket so it's easy to get your artwork home.     The People for Palmer Park has a wonderful Thursday evening bicycling group.


4.  How much does it cost to attend?  

The Palmer Park Art Fair is free, so you can spend your money on beautiful artwork, a limited edition poster, a beer or a delicious meal.  It is essential that we purchase art if we are going to build this fair.


5. What about bringing children?     

We love children, as long as they don't throw their sippy cups at the art or an artist.  We have several arts and crafts activities in the Family Activities Tent both Saturday and Sunday. Families may also activities with Mint Artists Guild and others.   Plus, there's a 300-acre park with trails and many places to explore, play and run around.  Don't forget to check out the horses in the nearby mounted police enclosure.  And, most importantly, encourage your young art lovers to become art collectors.


6.  We are arriving hungry. What's available for lunch or a picnic?     

We won't let you or your stomach suffer.  Click here for food and drink options.


7. What about my dog, iguana or snake?  Can they come?    

Alas, Art does not like arf.    We suggest that you leave your dog at home or enjoy the rest of the park.  If you sign a waiver taking responsibility for your dog you may bring her to shop for art.  


8. It is Detroit. What kind of security do you have?    

Good question. We have security guards scheduled. The Detroit Mounted Police and the 12th Precinct are right in the park, too. The City of Detroit just installed some new lights, so we are secure and well-lit! 


9. Will the Log Cabin be open?    

Sorry.  The city is still doing extensive work on the cabin.  People for Palmer Park have raised the funds and refurbished the windows.  There are additional projects in the works. When the cabin is deemed ready it will be open for events and possibly available for rentals.


10.  So who is this Palmer guy whose name is on this park?    

He was Sen. Thomas W. Palmer, who was born in Detroit, traveled the world and came home. He became interested in farming, lumbering and real estate, then into politics where he served as both a state and U.S. Senator.  He inherited the land along Woodward from his grandfather, a Supreme Court judge in Michigan. In 1885, he created a summer home way out near Seven Mile on his experimental farm. He spent time there with his wife, and their two adopted children, raising horses and apples and other items.     Sen. Palmer donated the first 120 acres of what would become Palmer Park in 1894, and gave the rest within three years. He and his wife were active in the Humane Society, the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Merrill-Palmer Institute which Lizzie founded with a $3 million bequest in her will. 


11. I am a _____________ and I love what you're doing. May I still get involved?    

Send photos and a one- to two-paragraph description of what you do to . 


12.  What makes the Palmer Park Art Fair unique?     

It's not just rows of artists in tents, we wind around Lake Frances and up to Detroit's only log cabin.  For another, we're the first large juried outdoor art fair back in the city.   We're being joined by the Belle Isle Art Fair on August 3-4!  And our limited edition gicleé poster is a rare and beautiful thing. (We are offering only 100 copies so get yours soon, online or at the Art Fair.     


13. Is the Art Fair site handicapped accessible?     

Much of the site is on grass and there are slight hills and a few ruts. As long as you can traverse through a park, you will be able to see most of the Palmer Park Art Fair.  Handicapped parking is in "Chess Row" parking lot closest to the festival -  please make sure you have your blue handicap hang-tag and license clearly visible and you will be allowed to park. 


14. This is an amazing park and an awesome art fair. How can I help with the work you're doing?     

The People for Palmer Park is volunteer non-profit, so we'd welcome you to join a committee, join a park clean up and definitely join the organization.  PFPP board members will be on hand and you can also sign up online or at the Merchandise & Information Booth near the main entryway.     We always need help for our clean-ups - they're announced on Facebook or on PFPP's website. Truly, we appreciate it if you share our future events with friends and on social media.     You can help the Art Fair by inviting along friends - and buying some creative works while you're enjoying our event. If you want to throw $5 into the donation box at the entryway, it will help support art in the park.     We also want to hear what you love about the Art Fair and what we could improve for next year. 

15. How do I get to Palmer Park?
Practice, practice, practice.  That's for the artists!  Only the best are involved.  

Palmer Park is right off Woodward Avenue between 7 Mile Road and McNichols.  You'll see a big sculpture at the entrance and the art fair down to the right - near the Log Cabin and Lake Frances.  For your GPS, use this address: 910 Merrill Plaisance  Detroit, MI 48203.

16. How do I find my favorite artist?
We recommend you wander through the entire fair - it's a boutique fair, and won't take you long to see everyone.  If you must go to a specific artist, check in at our information booth near the front entryway and our friendly crew will direct you.


17. I love art fairs and festivals. How do I start one in my community?    

The People for Palmer Park work with Integrity Shows to organize this event.  Integrity also helps out with other projects in the city and surrounding areas.  Email them at They would love to talk with you about your projects. 

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