It's back after 30 years...The Palmer Park Art Fair

May 3-4, 2014  • Free Admission: Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-5

Together let's showcase Detroit's vibrant & eclectic art scene.

A great city should have a great art show

May 3-4 

Friends of the Festival

Were you here?  Thank you to the thousands that came out.

Enjoy the photos below. Email us your pictures.

Major Supporters

Re-imagining Detroit

 Our city continues to evolve.  Factors that made us strong in the past are being transformed, revitalized and recreated. With perseverance, concerns that caused many to flee will be resolved.  This art fair is dedicated to those who have stayed, those who have always loved the city, and those who are working to re-imagine our future.

Make a difference.  Buy Art. 

Imagine artists acting as ambassadors across the country, telling all who will listen about the real Detroit. 

     "It's a city where people understand art.  Where they support  

      artists.  I felt safe and respected. This is a city worth visiting,

      worth living in. I will be back next year, and you should come too."

Your purchase at this art fair can make a difference.

We love dogs, but not at the art fair.  Please leave your pets at home.

Limited Edition Poster

This year's hand screened limited edition poster was created by muralist Hubert Massey. There are only 100 copies available. Reserve yours online:

Charity Gala

Detroit's first lady, Lori Maher Duggan invites you to support the fair at the Saturday night gala on May 3rd.  A more relaxed time to meet the artists, enjoy eclectic foods, sample the Palmer Park Apple-tini and listen to the great blues of Thornetta Davis.   Reserve your ticket -

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