Art Canopy

People for Palmer Park has a series of interactive art projects this summer.  Click here for Details. One project is to help design our new Art Canopy.

A few poster left!

We saved back a few of each version of the limited edition poster, so if you want a copy please visit out poster partners this week.  The two 2015 versions are available at Eric's I've Been Framed and at the Sherwood Forest Gallery.  Last year's print by Hubert Massey has a few copies left at Jo's Gallery.  All three galleries are on Livernois- the Avenue of Fashion.    These posters are limited to a signed edition of 100 copies each year.  

You can also order your poster using the button above.

Free Admission

Saturday 10-7, Sunday 11-5

It Made a difference.  Buy Art. 

We have artists acting as ambassadors across the country, telling all who will listen about the real Detroit.       "It's a city where people understand art.  Where they support artists.  I felt safe and respected. This is a city worth visiting,  worth living in. I will be back next year, and you should come too."

Your purchases at this art fair make a difference.

Primary Partners

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Living in Detroit Supporters


What a great group of people!  People came to the show because they love the park. Others for the love of art, and some because they love Detroit.   We feel so lucky to live and work in this community.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you artists. Thank you sponsors, thank you to those that bought art, and 

thank you to all those who came out and enjoyed the show.

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