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This section features emerging artists who are members of the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club.  The club meets every Monday evening in the Madame Cadillac Building at Marygrove.  Anyone may attend; artists; art lovers; collectors.  Often over 100 people show up for a meal, socialization and to view and discuss art.

Breakfast Club members include some of the best known Detroit artists and collectors as well as many artists just starting out and every experience level in between.  

The Breakfast Club section at the Palmer Park Art Fair is for new art fair artists. We limit participation to three times or fewer before they graduate to the main fair. More experienced Breakfast Club members have booths in the juried art fair.

2023 Images  Shown




These are original abstract acrylic paintings on a stretched canvas, each measuring 5" (width) x 5"
(height) x 1.5" (depth). Layers of blues, purple, green, pink, white, and accents of silver come together to
finish off this piece. This was painted as a set of 6, and is intended to be displayed individually or
The painting has finished edges and is ready to display! I have also signed the paintings on the edge so
that they can be displayed in whichever orientation looks best in your space.

Mixed Media



My work tends to be bold and eccentric, with bright colors and varying facial features that tend to be classified as "ugly". I like to depict facial features that are consider undesirable and show off just how beautiful imperfections can be.





Dear Black girl is a piece to inspire young black girls that no matter what someone says about you are Royalty, Worthy, Valued, and overall LOVE.

Print Making



The piece “Changing the Black Man's Optics” is a linoleum block print that challenges the stereotype western societies continue to portray of black men. American media is flooded with images of the black man being "threatening". Consequently, these images fuel the continuous murdering of black men and boys by the police. In this piece, I push against this stereotype by portraying a young black man in a hoodie with his hood on smiling for the camera and enjoying life. I intentionally emphasized the lightheartedness of the young man by creating a pattern in the hoodie that reflects the texture of a soft sweater.




Rwaur is in my plein air collection and was done on site in the gardens of Cranbrook.
I enhance my pigment for fully saturated color and enjoy using traditional methods after Claude Monet.





Piece is a boxer defeating his opponent but the opponent seems to still have more fight making the other fighter dig deep into himself to get the win he desperately looking for




The matador is a painting and optical illusion to show the beauty and power of a forbidden art. While interacting the viewer with a false frame.




This is a piece from my frisket series featuring all of the successful musicians from the Metro Detroit region. I illustrate these from reference, then cut the stencil by hand and spray prints on paper.

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