Celebrating the Literary Arts in Detroit

      Our Authors Tent includes many talented writers sharing their books.  Enjoy reading, story telling or just searching for that perfect summer read.  If you enjoy fine writing this tent is for you.  Look for more information in May.

Authors, please click here for the application. We have one space remaining.

Come buy books from the authors listed below and others.


Hu•man•u•nity - recognize that our true singular point of identity is that we are all human – and that the strength to bring about true, positive, and lasting changes comes from our unity.

The Art of Relating- relating to one another is the totality of our existence. Given the right tools, we can transform our existence to the level of art.

Seth Adamson


Simple Gifts – The Book of Cuba - a beautiful and stirring photographic diary of a nine-day trip to Havana and its surrounding areas. 

Jim Aho


And This is Love: a poetic documentary of life and love - these raw, authentic, and inspiring poems follow the author’s personal journey of love.

Terisa Almore

The Field Trip Front Cpver.jpg

The Field Trip - although clumsy with women, botany professor Ross Barton possesses the quality of fearlessness when confronting danger. Rumors are spreading about odd lights in the night skies of New England when he runs into an awkward young woman on a solitary hike into the forest with a concealed box.

Ron Andrade


Murder on Sugar Island - this fast-paced mystery takes place on an island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This riveting thriller is full of twists that will keep you turning pages all the way to the shocking end.

Michael Carrier

The Sound of My Pain - plagued by painful memories of heartache, deceit, shame, and abandonment until the author rediscovers her love of poetry which helps her regain her power and reclaim her voice.

Denise Crumbey

The Unexpected - journeys of self-discovery discovered through personal desires and notions of romantic fulfillment.

The Thursday Surprise - fourth grader, Katie comes to a new understanding of what autism and friendship mean while she searches for ways to reach a classmate with special needs.

The September Surprise - he thought of staring 5th grade without her best friend and sharing the class with kids with special needs is worrisome for Katie. She discovers a special way to communicate with an autistic classmate and discovers they have more in common that meets the eye.

Ryan Ennis

Dreams, Deeds, and Destiny: Purpose and Possibility in the Space Age - read Ode to Belle Island other poems with empowering messages inspired by the city of Detroit.

Gwendolyn Rose Forrest

Shattered Crimson - a single young mother carries an emotional hole in her heart from her childhood. She has managed to conceal the pain, but she becomes narcissistic and inattentive mother. Will she be able to make the only decision that can save her son’s life?

One Wrong Incision - one man's mind-bending journey to justice. Infused with intelligent strategy and shocking revelations, this story is steeped in betrayal, racism, lies, truth, and clever wit while enveloped in an ever-unfolding love story.

Dionne Gideon


Donovan's College Adventure  Books about college and career success.  Mr. Hawkins also does counseling and training.

Jahquan Hawkins

Zmulobeast_cover2 copy.jpeg

Detroit Ink Publishing provides opportunities for Detroit authors in a variety of genres.

Keith Owens- Who Stole the Zmulobeast? - a humorous detective story for middle school-aged children. The story introduces the Pi in the Sky Squad, a crew of (mostly) kid detectives

Pamela Owens- It Takes Ten Years to Become an Overnight Success! - the year by year story of her first ten years as a business owner. How she started. How she endured. Lessons learned. Ideas for you.

F.R. Wilson - Casting A Long Shadow - could there be an unknown terrorist cell in Detroit? A page turning thriller full of twists, turns, unexpected and sudden relationships and local and national and international intrigue.

Detroit Ink Publ.


Beautiful - suspense, drama and romance in a Detroit setting. Will meeting a tall, handsome stranger be the answer to her prayers or will Madison lose herself and everything she has worked for?

Sylvia Hubbard


Dead Mom Disease - a memoir of a grieving teenage girl who wants to tell the truth about losing her mother. She finds out that condolences don’t always come in the form of words from the people who matter most.

Lucy Layne


Tripping - a journey to Jamaica involving many schemes and scams ranging from false love to green card fraud.

Ain’t I Good Enough? - the story of a beautiful but poor girl’s abusive childhood.

Who Knew? - running backwards while falling for the same games.

Deby Levi


R.E.S.P.E.C.T: A Woman’s Worth

in this self-help book, you will discover a woman’s value and worth empowered by and building upon the seven Godly attributes rather than society’s standards.

Jasmine Palmer Gray


Forgotten Detroit and many other - 

non fiction books about your city, state and more.   SUNDAY ONLY

Paul Vachon

There is No Death; Only Life - Maria is a truly remarkable local psychic medium who wants people to understand the truth that there is no death. Read her client testimonies that verify she has helped them connect and receive comforting guidance from their loved ones on the Inner Side. 

Maria Verdeschi

Unrequited Love - a contemporary romance about a young couple who share an undeniable love. After much pain and sadness, the reader will wonder if the strength of their love can heal old wounds.

Yvonne Weems

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